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Isekai manga with dark mc

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Isekai is one of the most fun genres in anime and one of the most flourishing a past years have proved.


-This novel has manga and anime too.

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This term is used to describe a subgenre of fantasy manga and anime that take a protagonist, usually from modern day Japan, and places them in a fantasy world.

Cultivation (Realms, Pills, Elixirs, Bloodlines and Physique) 0.

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Isekai Monster Breeder Chapter 44.

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Our MC is a half breed;
He is the Academy City&x27;s strongest Level 5 Esper
In such page, best isekai manga with op mc will give you a list of both old school
When ol&x27; God enters the picture, Haruka believes he can just choose whatever cheat skill he wants to help him survive in the new world
Its actually been out for a decent amount of time and its fairly popular
It&x27;s like watching a train wreck disturbing but you just can&x27;t tear your eyes away
Aoi has strong
There are a lot of isekai where people reincarnated there at different times